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Registering with Central Dales Practice

Registering is easy.  Simply call into one of our sites (Hawes surgery or Aysgarth surgery) with photo ID and we will give you the forms to complete.  It is easier and more efficient for us to register all members of the household at the same time.  You will need to provide photo ID for each member of the family.  Where there are children who may not have photo ID, please bring their birth certificates.

It is important that people new to the area register with us when they arrive so that we can request their medical records so that we have these to hand, in the event they need to be seen or need repeat medications.  We would also like to remind new parents to register their new-born child with us as soon as possible as until they do this, we do not know the baby’s details and the baby does not have a medical record with us.  The little red book contains all the information we need to register the baby (if no birth certificate has been issued at that point).

Please inform us of any change in name, address or telephone numbers so that we have the correct information held on your medical record.

Patients will be removed from our list for any of the following reasons:

  • Moving outside of our practice area
  • Verbal or physical abuse directed at staff (we are a Zero Tolerance practice)
  • Acts or threats of violence towards practice staff (such incidents will be reported to the Police)
  • Actions that, in the judgement of the partners, may compromise the provision of medical services to the practice population as a whole
  • Where there has been a breakdown of relationship between you and the clinical staff

Urgent/Same Day Issues

Hawes – 9.00am to 10.30am, Monday to Friday

Aysgarth – 9.00am to 10.30am, Monday to Friday

If you have a medical issue that you feel is urgent and needs to be dealt with that day, please call either Surgery between 9.00am and 10.30am.  You will be added to the GP/ANP call list and they will call you back that morning.  If they need to see you following the telephone consultation, they will give you a face to face appointment time.  If the matter is not deemed urgent, you will be given a routine face to face appointment by the GP/ANP.  

If you have a routine medical issue or need a follow up appoinment, you will be offered a routine telephone appointment.  You will be given a date and time for this call, the GP/ANP will call you.  If the GP/ANP feel they need to see you following the telephone consultation, they will give you an appointment to see you face to face.   

Please note that for all telephone consultations (whether urgent or routine) the GP/ANP will call you three times.  If you do not answer any of the three calls, your appointment will be marked as 'completed' and you will need to arrange a further appointment.  

We have a standard weekly GP/ANP rota which only changes if a GP/ANP is on annual leave or away on training.  We no longer publish changes to the rota as often this can change and is very time consuming to keep updated which is not something we have the time to do (we hope you can understand). 

The standard weekly GP rota is as follows;

                                             HAWES SURGERY                         AYSGARTH SURGERY

MONDAY                            Dr Pain / Fiona Morrison, ANP    Dr Scott

TUESDAY                           Dr Scott                                           Dr Pain / Fiona Morrison, ANP

WEDNESDAY                     Dr Pain                                            Dr Scott

THURSDAY                        Fiona Morrison, ANP                     Dr Pain

FRIDAY                               Dr Scott                                           Fiona Morrison, ANP

Nurse appointments – these are all pre-bookable and available throughout the day at both surgeries.  These include Healthcare Assistant appointments.  If you are unsure who you need to see, if you let the receptionist know, they will help book you in with the right clinician for your needs.

Home visits – These are for the elderly, infirm and those who are genuinely too ill to come to the surgery.  These are not available where transport for the patient is the issue.  It is the responsibility of the patient to get to the surgery using family, friends, neighbours, public transport or taxis.  Please telephone before 10.30am if you require a visit.  Requests received after this may not be met.

Before the appointment, be prepared …. It’s a good idea to have a list of your symptoms before speaking to/seeing the GP/ANP/Nurse/Healthcare Assistant.  Symptoms that often appear unrelated can be linked and it is important you don’t leave anything out.  Sometimes the most important thing may be a little embarrassing or uncomfortable but they do need mentioning.  The clinician can then agree with you which issue is priority and deal with the most urgent problem first.  Please do not be offended if you are asked to make a further appointment, this is to allow the clinician time to deal with your problems fully.

Our registered Patients can now consult online with a clinician at our practice as part of a new online service which could save you time and a journey to the practice.  (Please note that if you are NOT registered with our Practice you cannot use this service, you would need to contact your own GP Practice as we do not have access to your medical records).  

Using the online consultation service makes it easier for us to quickly decide how we can best help you with the least amount of disruption to your day. The service is free and confidential and medical consultations are always reviewed by a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Practice Nurse.

Simply click the link below and follow the instructions/answer the questions online and we will respond to you within 2 WORKING DAYS by phone, email or text (you advise how you want us to respond when you submit your query) with general advice or signposting, a telephone consultation or, if necessary, we’ll get you booked in for an appointment.  You can use the system 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

You can also use the system to send administrative queries if you have a question relating to test results, letters, medical reports, Fit Notes (more commonly known as sick notes) or have a general enquiry.

The service also offers access to reliable and trustworthy self-help generic information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that may help you to avoid an appointment altogether.

E Consultation Link

You can obtain a repeat prescription by the following methods:

  • In person by seeing the receptionist – please bring your repeats list with you
  • By placing your repeats list in the repeat prescriptions box at the surgery (Hawes surgery box is in the front porch / Aysgarth surgery box is opposite the reception window)
  • Post your repeats list to us
  • Using SystmOnline – this is your personal online account from which you can order repeat prescriptions, book and cancel appointments and view parts of your medical record.  To gain access please ask at reception and bring photo ID with you
  • Email – (Hawes Surgery) / (Aysgarth Surgery) – please include your full name DOB, address and medication names
  • Please allow 3 working days between ordering and collecting so that we can ensure all items are ordered, received, checked and dispensed.  Thank you.

System Online Logo

You may be asked to see a GP once a year for a medication review.  Patients who use Central Dales Pharmacy in Hawes may be asked to undertake a medication review with the Pharmacist when collecting their medications.  The outcome of the review will be shared with the GP and you will not need to also see the GP.

In England there is a flat prescription charge per item (and this is usually increased by the government each April).  If you are obtaining more than one item (medication) on a monthly basis then it may be financially beneficial for you to purchase a prescription pre-payment certificate (PPC).  Please see our dispensary staff for more information or telephone 0845 850 0030 who will be able to help you purchase one.

If you have a PCC or are exempt from paying for your prescriptions, you will be asked for proof when collecting your medications from the surgery or pharmacy.  If you are unable to provide proof we will indicate this on the prescription and if there is a query over this, you will hear from the NHS England’s Prescription Service directly.

SystmOnline is a portal that allows you to access appointments, cancel appointments, request repeat medications, view test results and parts of your medical record online (from the date on which you register for the service), using your own unique username and password.

System Online Logo

To enable you access to this portal you will need to come to reception and request access.  To do this, you will need to bring photo ID with you.  This facility is available to patients aged 14 years and over and must be requested in person by the patients themselves.  When you register you will be asked to complete a sign up form which sets out the obligations on you, these include protecting your username and password from others and not leaving your record open for others to be able to view.   It is your responsibility to keep your data safe.   If you need your password resetting you will need to call into the surgery with ID.

Summary Care Record (SCR)

NHS England require practices to enable successful automated uploads of any changes to a patient’s summary information, at least on a daily basis, to the Summary Care Record.  Having your SCR available will help anyone treating you outside of the practice, without your full medical record.  The SCR allows the healthcare professional access to a summary of your record which includes allergies, sensitivities and medications you may be taking.  If you do not want a SCR then please let us know in writing and we will block this within your medical record.

We will contact you if a test results comes back needing action or follow up.  If you do not hear from us you can assume that your results have come back as normal or satisfactory.  However you may call us to check your results if you prefer (if you do wish to do this, please call between 1.30pm and 3.00pm).  Reception staff will be able to give you a response of ‘normal’ or ‘satisfactory’ or ‘to see GP’ etc but will not be able to disclose readings or give any further information.  You will need to see a GP/ANP for this as they are trained to interpret results.

Please note that x-rays, scans, hospital letters etc can take several weeks to come through to the practice..

If you would like to see a GP/ANP to discuss results of any tests or x-rays etc, please check with the receptionist to see if the results are back before making a telephone appointment otherwise it will be a wasted appointment as the GP/ANP will not be able to access the results.

Please also note that due to patient confidentiality and data protection we will only give out results to the person to whom they relate, unless that patient has given permission for their release or if they do not have the capacity to understand the results.  Please be aware that results will only be given to patients aged 14 years and over, unless they have expressly consented to their parent/guardian/carer being informed of the results.  We are duty bound to protect our patient’s confidentiality.

If you need urgent GP advice or treatment when the practice is closed please call 111.  Your call will be answered by NHS 111 Service and they will direct you to the most appropriate service for your need.  This may be a GP or it may be another service.  The call is free of charge.

If you are asked to see a GP, the service is currently located within The Health Centre in Catterick Garrison.  They can be found just past the traffic lights to Tesco (on Richmond Road) on the right hand side opposite Princes Gate shopping park.  There is parking outside the front of the building.

In an emergency (when someone is seriously injured or their life is at risk) call 999.  Medical emergencies can include loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, severe burns, severe allergic reactions, persistent severe chest pains, breathing difficulties or an acute confused state.

If you suspect you or someone else is having a heart attack or stroke call 999. EVERY SECOND COUNTS with these conditions.

Central Dales Practice are committed to providing patients with a safe environment in which patients and staff can feel confident that best practice is being followed and patients’ wellbeing is priority.  Part of this is the provision of a chaperone.  A chaperone can be present for any consultation, examination or procedure where the patient feels one necessary.  There are many procedures where a chaperone will be routinely present (unless the patient declines) and there are many examinations where a chaperone will be offered to the patient.  All chaperones have been trained for the role.

If you know you would like or may need a chaperone present during your appointment, please request this when booking your appointment so that one can be available.  This will prevent a delay in our service to you and other patients.

A clinician may also require a chaperone to be present for certain consultations.

A copy of our chaperone Policy is available in the waiting area at both surgeries.

The NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) allows patients to provide feedback on their experiences which is vital to transforming our services and ensuring we are providing the best possible care to our patients, in a way they want this to be provided.

We encourage feedback (good or bad) so that we can improve as a practice.  To assist us you can:

  • Complete a FFT in the waiting room
  • Email us

Complete a short Friends and Family Test by clicking here

Here's some general information for young people aged 11 to 16 years of age.  We have tried to answer the most common questions but remember, you can call us or pop in anytime for advice/help.

Can I see a GP or Practice Nurse without my parents/guardian being with me?

Anyone aged 11 years and over has the right to see a GP or Practice Nurse on their own for any issue or problem they may have.  For young people aged 11 to 16 years of age, the GP or Practice Nurse will have a discussion with you about how well they consider you are able to understand what is being discussed and about any advice or treatment needed.  This is described as a young person having capacity.

How confidential will my consultation be?

All contact with the Practice is completely confidential.  ALL PRACTICE STAFF from GPs to Receptionists are not allowed to tell anyone that you have been to the Practice.  Your consultation remains completely confidential unless there is a concern about your personal safety or risk of harm to yourself.  In such a situation, information may need to be shared with other professionals but this would be discussed with you first.

What do I have to tell the Receptionist to get an appointment?

You do not have to tell the Receptionist anything to get an appointment.  It can however be helpful if you are able to share some information with the Receptionist so that they can ensure you get an appointment with the most appropriate person.  You can attend the open access clinics on a morning or pre-book an afternoon appointment. 

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes.  If you would like to have a friend with you then that's absolutely fine.  This can sometimes be helpful as they are able to listen to any advice given and may be able to help you with remembering the advice following the consultation.  Having a friend there may also make you feel more comfortable in the consultation. 

How quickly can I get an appointment?

You can attend an open access clinic at either Hawes or Aysgarth each morning without booking.  This is the easiest way of accessing a GP urgently.  Alternatively, you can call in or phone the Practice to pre-book an appointment.  If you feel it is an urgent matter, let the Receptionist know you would like an urgent appointment and you will be seen the same day. 

Can I choose who I see?

Yes.  If you would prefer to see a particular GP or Practice Nurse, let the Receptionist know and they will guide you to the next available appointment or inform you when that GP is next in the open access clinic.

What can I see a GP or Practice Nurse for?

Just about anything.  Health related issues are the majority of our work but if you have a problem and don't know where to turn, we are good at directing young people to other services. 

Can I see a healthcare professional for contraception somewhere other than my own GP Practice?

We can see patients who are not registered with our Practice for contraception.  If you would prefer to come to us than your own Practice, we will be happy to see you and provide contraceptive services to you.  In addition, our patients can attend other Practices or Family Planning Clinics for contraception services.

What if I need to see someone for emergency contraception?

You can attend an open access clinic any morning (the sooner the better after having unprotected sexual intercourse).  If you cannot make a morning open access clinic, call Reception and book an urgent appointment.  You do not need to tell the Receptionist why you want an appointment, just ask for an emergency appointment.  You will be seen by  a GP. 

What support can we give you if you have a disability?

We aim to provide an equal service for all our patients, whether they have disabilities or not.  We have improved access for people with physical disabilities and all of our services are on ground floor level.  We can consult with you over the telephone if this is easier for you.  Just ask the Receptionist for a telephone consultation.  We would like to review you face to face at least once a year if you are on any medication or have medical problems, just to ensure everything is ok.

Anything we haven't covered?  Give us a call.  Hawes Surgery 01969 667200 / Aysgarth Surgery 01969 663222

We are here to help!

Colin Day has undertaken some marvellous work and created many maps of local villages showing house names and markers.  These maps can be hugely beneficial to anyone trying to find a particular house, such as a GP or Nurse going on a visit.  Furthermore, Mr Day has also indicated the placement of the defibrillators on those villages who have one.  It may be worth taking a moment to familiarise yourself with the location of the defibrillators in villages near to you.  Further, if you have a holiday cottage or look after a holiday cottage, perhaps it would be worthwhile putting a copy of the village map into the welcome pack for visitors?  To find out more click here

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